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About Us

Our Kits

We offer a series of hydroponic (soilless) garden kits that are reasonably priced, easy to set up, require virtually no maintenance, and enable you to grow delicious, fast-growing vegetables and herbs on your window sill or in your patio, garden, or classroom. The technology embedded in our Floating Gardentm Gardening Kits incorporate our utility patent-pending hydroponic technologies.

We have extensively tested our kits with a variety of plants both grown from seed in the units and transplanted from nursery bedding plants. The instructions that come with each kit are based on these tests and the conclusions we reached based upon our tests and research. All of our kits are made by our company (ArtSciDesign, LLC) in the USA and comply with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA, 2008).

Our Services

We design and fabricate custom hydroponic systems for restaurants, home patios, and gardens. These systems employ flood and drain and drip technologies. Rather than requiring dedicated plantings, the units are designed to support bedding plants in individual containers. This makes it simple to replace vegetables, herbs, and flowers when at the end of their growing cycle, while enabling the owner to maintain an attractive presentation. Our systems are simple to set up and easily maintained.

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