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Custom Made Hydroponic Systems and Kits
for Growing Herbs, Vegetables, Flowers, and Wheatgrass
all without Soil

It's the future of agriculture - now

With hydroponics (soil-less gardening) plants get the nutrients they need for vigorous growth, soil borne pests are eliminated, and percolation of fertilizers and pesticides into our ground waters is eliminated. Hydroponics is good for plants and good for the planet.

NOTE: We stopped manufacture of our kits in 2020. We maintain this site  for its informational and instructional Value. We also used to design and fabricate custom hydroponic systemss. We also made very reasonably priced kits for growing edibles, flowers, and wheatgrass without soil. All of our kits were complete, easy to set up, and came with detailed instructions.

Hydroponic drip system with basil (detail) Floating Garden Vegetable Garden Kit_tomatoes

Examples of chilles, basil, marigolds, nasturtiums, and tomatoes grown hydroponically
Floating Garden chillies  Hydroponic basil, marigolds, chard and  nasturtiums variety of hydroponic cherry tomatoes
Hydroponically grown Caribbean and jalepeno chillies Hydroponic basil, chard, marigolds, and nasturtiums A variety of cherry tomatoes grown hydroponically


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