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Elegant Ceramic Cube Planting System

Grows living grasses hydroponically


Decorative and educational

Cubi-Gro hydroponic planter in matte white Cubi-Gro hydroponic planter in matte charcoal
Cubi-Gro in matte white
grass 4" high
Cubi-Gro in matte charcoal
grass 6" high


Bring the feeling of the outdoors into your home or office with Cubi-Grotm. Our decorative hydroponic planter grows beautiful grass without soil. We start with a slip-cast glazed ceramic cube. We add our proprietary hydroponic technology (no soil is used), rye berries, and our special nutrient. Just follow the simple directions and in three to four days you'll see grasses shooting upward in Cubi-Gro. In about ten days the grasses will be about 7" - 8" high. You can then cut them back and allow the grasses to regrow. Just locate Cubi-Gro in a bright location such as a window sill, near a window, or in brightly lit areas in your home or office. Nature will do the rest. Does not require bright sunlight to grow. Cubi-Gro can easily be moved around your home (for instance to your dining room table to enjoy during meals, or to your living room when entertaining). It makes a great conversation piece since it demonstrates hydroponics (soil-less gardening) in action. It is also educational.

Cubi-Grotm hydroponic living grass garden planter contains:

  • a multi-page instruction booklet with complete directions for growing, maintaining and replanting
  • a ceramic cube planter (4" x 4" x 4" high) available either in matte charcoal black or matte white
  • a support system for supporting the grasses. The parts are completely reusable
  • 3 bags of rye berries - enough for three complete plantings
  • 3 packets of Cube Nutrient powder (one for each individual planting)

Just follow our directions and you will quickly be growing your own Cubi-Gro garden!

Cubi-Gro timelapse video
See a timelapse video of grass growing in the Cubi-Gro Hydroponic planter
The video shows a time span of six days from when the grass shoots first emerged to the grass grown seven inches.
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