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The Floating Gardentm Plant Light Assembly


The Perfect Accessory for the Classroom and Home

Floating Garden Plant Light Assembly with basil growing basil in our Floating Garden Vegetable Hydroponic Garden Kit
The Plant Light Assembly
with basil plants growing in our
Floating Garden Vegetable Hydroponic Garden Kit (plant light is on)
(Hydroponic Garden not included)
larger picture


Thanks to your requests for a lighting system for growing lettuces and herbs and flowering plants inside your home or in the classroom with only limited window light, we designed our Floating Garden Plant Light Assembly. It's the perfect addition to your Floating Garden Vegetable Hydroponic Garden Kit for growing lettuce, mesclun mixes, basil, thyme, oregano, chards, in addition to flowers and "outdoor" plants indoors in any season of the year. Continue to harvest your crop regularly as your plants grow.

You now don't have to depend solely on window light to grow renewable crops of lettuces and herbs indoors. While our Plant Light Assembly is designed specially to accommodate the reservoir of the Floating Garden Vegetable Hydroponic Garden, it can be used to provide lighting for potted plants as well. Note that this assembly is for indoor use only.

Physically, the Plant Light Assembly consists of a PVC structure 26" inches wide by 8" deep by 21" high. The assembly is designed to accommodate lettuces, herbs, and flowering plants up to 12" in height. Included is an 21" UL listed fluorescent lighting fixture with a 15 watt T8 fluorescent plant light. The lighting fixture has an on/off rocker switch on the body of the fixture. The height of the lighting fixture is fully adjustable by means of two spring-loaded clamping devices connected to braided-nylon and plastic tubing cradles; a third clamping device constrains the wire of the lighting fixture and insures that the lighting unit remains level.

Floating Garden Plant Light Assembly with the light on Plant Light Assembly with bedding plants

The Floating Garden Plant Light Assembly shown with the lighting unit on. The lighting unit can easily be moved upward as your plants grow. (Hydroponic Garden not included)

The Floating Garden Plant Light Assembly shown with bedding plants growing in soil. (Plants and tray not included)

The base and top cross-member come assembled. Simply slip-fit the two vertical risers into the fittings on the top and bottom of the unit. Then place your planted Floating Garden Vegetable Hydroponic Garden or potted plants in the base of the assembly, and slip the lighting fixture into the cradles, positioning the fixture close to the top of your plants. As your plants grow, raise the lighting fixture using the spring-loaded clamps. It's easy and simple to use and comes with instructions and pictures for easy assembly. We have used similar lighting indoors in our lab (no windows) with good results. However, we recommend that for best results with lettuces and herbs, you locate the unit near a window that gets natural lighting during part of the day.

Our Floating Garden Plant Light Assembly is made in the USA by our company ArtSciDesign, LLC. The UL listed light is made off-shore.

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