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The Grass Gardentm Wheatgrass Hydroponic Garden Kit

Grow wheat, oats, barley, rye, and other grasses without soil.

hydroponic wheatgrass kit
Grass Garden Wheat Grass Hydroponic Garden Kit with wheatgrass grown indoors from hard northern red wheat berries in natural light from a south facing window. Tray was rotated once per day.
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Our patent-pending Grass Garden Wheatgrass Hydroponic Garden Kit comes with all the components you need to start growing a fast growing crop of wheat grass and other grasses such as rye, barley, oats, and even rice - all without soil or other non-renewable media. Our kit has a re-usable nutrient reservoir and a seedling support structure that is completely re-useable between crops. We also supply a starter supply of hard northern wheatberries and our pre-mixed nutrient in powder-form. Our kit is the only truly hydroponic, renewable home growing system for grasses on the market today. In contrast to growing grasses in soil or on a non-renewable media such as coco fiber, our patent-pending kit maintains a portion of the root structure in air. Our aero-root technology increases grass vitality while greatly reducing the chance of fungal growth that is prevalent with previous methods of growing grasses at home or in the schools.

Our Grass Garden Wheat Grass Hydroponic Garden Kit contains:

  • a multi-page instruction booklet covering sprouting to harvest together with maintenance and re-use instructions for starting successive crops.
  • an information sheet explaining hydroponics (growing grasses without soil) and how the kit works
  • a plastic nutrient solution tray (11"x11"x2-1/2" deep) with 1/2 gallon nutrient capacity
  • a novel support structure for supporting the weight of a crop of grasses
  • a flexible mesh screen to support the growing seedlings
  • Grass Garden nutrient in powdered form to make 2 gallons of liquid nutrient solution in one gallon portions (enough for four complete growing cycles in 1/2 gallon portions
  • sufficient hard red northern wheatberries for two complete plantings. Additional quantities of wheat berries can be purchased at most health food stores.

The kit makes a perfect basis for science fair experiments as both the root structure and growth characteristics of the developing grass can be easily observed during the growing cycle. As one example, by growing grasses using conventional soil-based methods and comparing the growth rate with results of grasses grown in the Grass Garden, the comparative advantage of hydroponics can be demonstrated.

Our Grass Garden Kit complies with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA, 2008).

Wheatgrass timelapse video
See a timelapse video of wheatgrass growing in the Grass Garden
The video shows a time span of six days from when the grass shoots first emerged to the grass grown seven inches.
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