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Design, Fabrication and Installation

We design custom hydroponic systems scaled for your home, business, or restaurant. While there are many hydroponic technologies available, our stress is on designing systems that are easily maintainable and designed for ease of plant replacement. Especially where the look of the planted system is important (as in a restaurant for instance) the presentation is as important as the yield. This means that herbs, vegetables, and flowers at the end of their productive cycle must be easy to remove and easy to replace. Note that with our hydroponic systems there is exceptional yield compared with conventional soil based (i.e. raised-bed) systems.

We design and fabricate two different types of hydroponic system. We prefer drip hydroponic systems for interior applications and flood and drain technology for outside hydroponic units.

Custom Self-Contained Indoor Drip Hydroponic System

This technology is similar to that used extensively in commercial hydroponic herb and vegetable production. Plants are contained in plastic pots with inert media or individually in large rockwool "cubes". Nutrient is periodically delivered via pressurized drip tubes to each plant. Between nutrient feedings, the inert media supporting each plant partially dries allowing oxygen to reach the roots. Thus the plants receive optimal nutrition while being maintained in a high oxygen environment. The technology is very flexible as the plants can be fed with nutrient solutions tailored to the vegetative and flowering stages of growth. This technology is ideally suited for indoor growing systems.

The system can be provided in a variety of materials and sizes and can be fabricated as modular units. Shown below is a self-contained drip unit in Icelandic Birch Ply suitable for a restaurant or interior application. As shown, the unit can grow herbs (such as basil, lettuces, arugula, chard, chilies, and flowers such as marigolds and portulacas.

Custom Drip Hydroponic System
A custom drip hydroponic system for an interior patio or restaurant. (28"h x 12"w x 36"w. lighting extendable 30" above unit)

custom drip hydroponic system growing lettuce internal drip tray detail
Detail of drip irrigation system with nutrient delivery to individual potted lettuces
Detail of internal drip tray with nutrient delivery tubes showing delivery manifold

Custom Indoor Drip Hydroponic System Specifications:

Structural treatment: Icelandic birch ply with acrylic nutrient drip tray (shown). Can be fabricated in other materials.
Finish: To customer's specifications
Size: to customer specifications
Nutrient Pumping System: submersible pump feeding valved delivery manifold to accommodate individual plant pots.
Nutrient Delivery System: drip nutrient delivery
Lighting System: T-5 fluorescent lighting with height adjustment to accommodate height of plants
Timing System: separate timers for lighting and pump
Plant Containers: 4" to 6" plastic pots with rockwool and ceramic pellet media
Nutrient Reservoir: 3-1/2 gal with depth indicator and low-level pump shutoff.

Please contact us from our contact page for further information and availability as of 2022..


Custom Flood and Drain Nutrient Delivery System

We can fabricate a modular flood and drain system for an outdoor installation. The system consists of one or more flood basins with inlet and drain ports. The basins are pump-fed intermittently from an external nutrient tank. The flood basins are designed to accommodate potted plants (vegetables, herbs, flowers) in individual plastic pots each containing inert support media. During nutrient flow, nutrient is wicked into the pots, thereby feeding each plant. This technique is very effective in supplying the nutrients that the plants need while allowing for root aeration during periods between successive irrigations.

Custom Outdoor Flood and Drain Hydroponic System Specifications:

Structural basin(s) support: variety of materials depending on look desired
Size of individual flood basin: 10" wide x 40" long x 5" high with inlet and return plumbing
Nutrient Pumping System: submersible pump feeding valved manifold supplying basins.
Nutrient Delivery System: flood and drain delivery
Lighting : sun
Timing System: pump timer
Plant Containers:4" to 6" plastic pots with rockwool and ceramic pellet media
Nutrient Reservoir: sized for number of flood basins required (depth indicator included).

Flood and Drain system single basin

Flood and Drain system with one flood basin and welded steel support structure.

Please contact us from our contact page for further information and availability as of 2022.


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