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The Floating Gardentm Kitchen Garden Kit

Grow herbs, lettuces, chili peppers, and edible flowers - all without soil

Grow indoors or on your patio

Perfect kit to introduce you to hydroponics

Thai chillies
Thai chillies growing without soil in the Floating Gardentm

basil growing from seed in the Floating Garden ready for continual harvest pansy mix growing in the Floating Garden
Sweet Basil growing indoors from seed in the Floating Gardentm ready for continual harvest
Pansy mix to bring color to your patio or kitchen
Japanese shizo and mizotaki grown from seed in the Floating Gardentm
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Our Floating Garden Kitchen Garden Kit contains:

  • a multi-page instruction booklet with complete directions to insure successful, nutritious crops
  • an information sheet explaining hydroponics (soil-less gardening) and how the kit works
  • a plastic nutrient solution tray (11"x11"x2-1/2" deep) with 1/2 gallon nutrient capacity
  • a 1-1/2" thick white, reflective closed-foam planting bed with four pre-drilled openings for net pots to plant seeds, bedding plants, seedlings, or cuttings, and a PVC fill port for adding nutrient solution to the Floating Garden
  • four (4) reusable 2" net pots that fit into the openings in the floating planting bed
  • four rockwool plugs that fit into the net cups for starting seeds or supporting cuttings. These can be re-used.
  • a quantity of rockwool cubes and porous ceramic beads for supporting seedlings and bedding plants in the net cups. These can be re-used.
  • a packet of basil seeds
  • Floating Garden nutrient in powdered form to make 2 gallons of liquid nutrient solution in one gallon portions (enough for four complete tray fillings)

The kit comes with everything you need to grow herbs, lettuces, and other edibles in our nutrient solution without using any soil. For growing basil, plant the seeds included with the kit in our floating plant bed and follow our simple instructions. If you don't want to wait for seeds to germinate and grow, we also include instructions for transplanting established bedding plants that you can get at any nursery. You can even start with herb cuttings and rooted lettuce you can find in the produce section of your supermarket. You will soon have a crop of renewable kitchen herbs, lettuces, or other edibles that you can harvest regularly.

Basil (included), other mints and herbs, lettuces, and mesclun lettuce mixes are exceptionally easy to grow in our kits. Harvest leaves regularly to add to your cooking or to use in fresh salads.

Without supplementary lighting, this kit is intended for either an indoor location (like in your kitchen or pantry) or outdoors in your patio or garden where you get at least partial sun during the day. For indoor growing you can increase your yield by supplementing natural lighting with an inexpensive full spectrum compact fluorescent bulb in an inexpensive gooseneck desk lamp (not included). By using such illumination costing less than $15.00 including the CFL we have successfully grown lettuces and basil indoors without any natural illumination.

For the budding scientist, our Floating Garden is also great for science fair experiments. Our Floating Garden Kit complies with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA, 2008).

Our kit was made in the USA by our company ArtSciDesign, LLC and is patent pending.



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