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The Portable Floating Gardentm Vine Support Stand

Floating garden vine support stand
The Portable Floating Garden Vine Support Stand cradles our Floating Garden nutrient reservoir and planting bed and provides support for cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, peppers, beans, and gourds.
The Portable Floating Gardentm Vine Stand Description

Our Portable Floating Garden Vine Support Stand enables you to support the vines of plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peas, and other vine plants including decorative gourds in the Floating Garden Hydroponic Garden.

You can now grow indeterminate heirloom tomatoes and support their leggy growth. Our vine support is designed so that the reservoir of the Floating Garden Hydroponic Garden nestles in the base of the support. A great advantage of our support stand is that two bottom cross members of the stand double as handles, allowing you to easily move the entire unit including the vines easily from place to place. This has the advantage of easily enabling you to move the Floating Garden and its vines and fruit to different locations as the sun angle changes over the growing season. You can also support a plant light for growing your plants indoors (not included).

Physically, the vine stand is 25-1/2 inches wide by 8 inches deep by 36 inches maximum height.

The unit is constructed of durable PVC. The base of the unit (which has weight bearing capacity far in excess of the most abundant crop of heavy tomatoes you can grow in our Floating Garden Kit), comes rigidly assembled. The top of the unit also comes rigidly assembled. Simply slip-fit the four vertical risers between the base and top and the stand is ready for use. Then nestle your planted Floating Garden nutrient reservoir in the base of the vine support stand. "Tie" the vines to the top of the unit as the plants grow using stretch-tie plant ties, string or yarn. Rolls of stretch-tie plant ties are available at any garden supply store. As the plants grow, add more plant ties as needed to support the vines and their developing produce. You can disassemble the unit for storage, if you so desire, by removing the four vertical risers.

We don't sell plans for the structure because even the most determined do-it-yourself person would require the appropriate tools, fabricated tooling fixtures, and considerable experience with working with PVC to actually build a workable unit. Our vine support stand is made in the USA by our company ArtSciDesign, LLC. As stated above, it comes partially assembled.


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