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The Floating Gardentm Hydroponic Garden Kit

Floating Garden Kit Combo growing  Natsu-Suzumi Japanese cucumbers
Floating Garden Combo growing three Japanese "Natsu-Suzumi" cucumber plants. You could never successfully plant in soil at the density grown in the Floating Garden. Bonuses are that yield is exceptional, the cucumbers are super delicious, and the variety can't be bought in the stores.
larger picture
detail of sweet million tomatoes growing in the  Floating Garden developing big boy tomatoes in the floating arden with vine support stand above
Developing Sweet Million cherry tomato variety growing in the Floating Garden Combo
Developing better boy VFN hybrid tomatoes growing in the Floating Garden Combo.
sweet 100 tomatoes grown in the advanced kit chilies Fourth of July tomatoes grown in advanced kit
Sweet 100 tomatoes grown in the Floating Garden Garden Kit.
A partial crop of Jalapeno and Caribbean (extremely hot) chili varieties grown in one Floating Garden Vegetable Garden Kit
Fourth of July tomatoes grown in a customer's Floating Garden Vegetable Garden Kit.
More Pictures of the Floating Garden

Kit Description

If you want to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, bean, peas and other vine plants without having to provide an independent trellis or vine support, our Floating Garden Hydroponic Garden is for you. The kit comes with a nutrient reservoir and planting bed, our portable vine support stand (more details), and a nutrient aeration system. All the components you need for growing abundant and fast growing crops of leafy vegetables (including mesclun greens), vine crops such as cucumbers, beans, peas, and tomatoes and a variety of herbs and edible flowers.

A great advantage of the kit is that you can easily move the entire unit including the vines easily from place to place, as for example, the sun angle changes over the growing season. You can also support a plant light for indoor growing (not included).

The Floating Garden Hydroponic Garden Kit contains:

  • a 24"x8"x6" forest-green plastic reservoir with 1-3/4 gallon nutrient capacity, 1 aerator, and airline tubing
  • a 110 volt air pump which runs on a few cents of power per day
  • our floating planting bed, incorporating opaque horticultural plastic sheeting (white on one side, black on the other) to reduce nutrient evaporation and algae growth, openings for three net pots to support your plants, and a fill port with fill cap having an opening for feeding the airline into the reservoir
  • a packet of basil seeds
  • six (6) reusable net pots (three for seeds and three for nursery grown bedding-size plants)
  • six (6) reusable rockwool plugs for starting seeds
  • an ample supply of reusable rockwool cubes and porous ceramic beads to support pre-grown bedding-size plants
  • Floating garden nutrient in powdered form for making 8 gallons of nutrient solution
  • Our vine support structure for supporting tomatoes, etc
  • complete instructions to insure successful, nutritious crops

Our kit is made in the USA by our company ArtSciDesign, LLC.

The Floating Gardentm Hydroponic Garden Kit
Product Code: FGHG

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