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The Floating Gardentm for Ponds System
Floating Plant Islands for Your Pond


 Floating Garden Vegetable Garden Kit

Our Floating Garden for Ponds System consists of modular units - each complete in themselves - that can be connected to form a plantable island for growing lettuces, mesclun mixes, herbs, chilies, chards, and bok choy in a Koi or Goldfish pond. The units float on the surface of the pond and have mesh baskets that keep the fish from eating the roots of your plants. Pictured is a single unit with four net pots growing in a Koi pond.
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The Floating Gardentm Hydroponic Garden Kit


Tomatoes growing  in our Floating Garden Vegetable Hydroponic Garden Combo Kit

Our Floating Garden Hydroponic Garden Kit comes with a nutrient/plant support reservoir and a vine support structure in one integrated unit. You can grow highly productive crops of tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and peas, while supporting the vines as your plants grow. You can also, grow non-vine plants such as lettuces, herbs, and chilis.The Floating Garden is portable - so you can move the entire unit to take advantage of changing sun angle during the growing season. The Floating Garden can also support a fluorescent plant lighting fixture for growing plants indoors (not included)
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The Floating Gardentm Plant Lighting Assembly


 Floating Garden Plant Light Assembly with basil  growing  in our Floating Garden Vegetable Hydroponic Garden Kit

Our Floating Garden Plant Light Assembly is as an add-on accessory that accommodates our Floating Garden Vegetable Hydroponic Garden Kit . It is designed for the home and classroom to supplement natural lighting for growing lettuce, mesclun mixes, basil, thyme, oregano, chards, and flowering plants indoors in any season of the year where window lighting may not be adequate. The unit comes complete with an 21" UL listed lighting fixture complete with a 15 watt fluorescent plant light. The height of the light is easily adjustable as your plants grow. (Shown are Italian basil plants growing in our Floating Garden Vegetable Hydroponic Garden (not included).
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The Bonsai Grass Gardentm
A living decoration for home or office

replaced by Cubi-Gro

The Bonsai Grass Garden

Our Bonsai Grass Garden brings the outside indoors. You simply plant our beautiful slip-cast and glazed planter with the supplied grass seeds and use our nutrient to grow your grasses. Our grass support system eliminates the need for soil and is completely renewable. Everything is included to grow the Grass Garden including rye berries and nutrient. Simply follow our easy directions, locate the Garden in a bright spot in your home or office, and let nature do the rest. The Garden is a perfect conversation piece and makes an attractive "green" statement in your home or office.
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